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Season Two

Scott Haugen – Host

Scott Haugen is a full-time outdoor writer and TV host. With a Masters degree in education, a BS in the sciences and 12 years of public school teaching under his belt, Haugen is uniquely qualified to represent the outdoor community. For the past 16 years, Haugen has worked in the outdoor industry.
Scott Haugen has traveled to more than 35 countries, penned some 1,600 magazine articles, 17 books and has served as host of more than 350 hunting and fishing related TV shows. In addition, Haugen travels the country speaking in outdoor circles on current events, delivering over 50 seminars a year.
For more than 40 years Scott Haugen has been exploring what the outdoors has to offer throughout America, be it hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and more. He’s a strong advocate of Second Amendment Rights and works hard to preserve the foundations on which America was built.
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