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Season Seven – All Stars EPISODE ONE

Sig Quick Draw Sponsor Challenge

Episode Two was filmed on location in Bryan, TX

The ultimate in outdoor challenges of skill and survival. Contestants find out what they are made of, how far can they go, and can they survive to see who has the RIGHT STUFF!

William Rownd – Host

41 year old William Rownd was born and raised in Georgia. He is married and has 3 children, and is a veteran of the US ARMY (Infantry 11M) and a retired Deputy Sheriff and Police Officer. William has served on S.W.A.T., Narcotics, Criminal Investigations, and the Uniform Patrol Division. After his retirement from Law Enforcement he opened his own screen printing and embroidery business, Deadline Apparel. He enjoys Hunting, Competitive Shooting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping and any other activity involving the outdoors.



Ray Chirnside

Ray Chirnside grew up in the sunshine state of Florida. He participated in baseball and martial arts through college and is the proud father of an amazing 13 yr. old daughter. He works with school’s districts to create community wide early literacy programs that increases reading success with children.

Ray had never fired a firearm until 5 years ago…then he was hooked! He has become an avid competitor in local and regional 3-gun matches and enjoys the friendships’ he has gained enjoys competitive fun. Thank you again for the amazing opportunity!



Daniel Wolf

My names Daniel but most call me by my last name WOLF. I live in Corona California with my beautiful girlfriend who luckily has not killed me yet due to how much I shoot and how involved in the shooters world I am. I work at a gun store in Murrieta California known as THE SHOOTIST gun store. They have been there for nearly 30 years and fully support my shooting as not only my employer but also as a sponsor. I have been shooting for about 10 years now and started shooting competitively for the last 3 years. I started off competing in IDPA, IPSC and STEEL CHALLENGE at local matches and whatever else I could find that was near me. No more than a year later I was introduced to the 3 Gun world and now I am hooked as that is my favorite style of shooting to compete in. Besides the competition side, I have also had many years training in more tactical scenarios such as team drills, room clearing, force on force and that style of training however competition is where I focus most of time. Currently shooting in Open division, I usually go against the fastest guys in the game and this is how I believe I became a better shooter so quickly. You want to be the best, you must beat the best. I am currently a ranked shooter in 3 Gun Nation competing every weekend in local matches and major matches once a month. I travel across the US to compete in hopes to be a national champion one day. My main guns of choice are my Daniel Defense DDM4 V11 PRO, Sacred Defense Krios 2011 Build and the Mossberg 930. My entire world is based around guns and I aim to be one of the world’s best shooter someday. I know my goals and I will not stop even after I reach it.

Rowdy Bricco

Rowdy Bricco was born in Oregon and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He has a degree in Nuclear Medicine from the Oregon Institute of Technology. He enjoys mountain biking and motorcycling. Rowdy has Crohns disease and has had over a dozen surgeries on his intestine because of the disease, but he likes how it has taught him to deal with adversity. He has a wife, three adult children and two grandchildren. He and his wife love to travel and have been to over 25 countries. He also loves competing in pistol shooting competitions like IDPA and USPSA. And yes, Rowdy is his real name.



Tim Martin

Tim Martin is 39 years old. He grew up in Southern California, but he moved to Spokane Washington 19 years ago where he continues to live with his wife and daughter. He is an ASE master certified auto technician and is the lead tech at his work. Tim is very athletic, he enjoys snow skiing, wake surfing, dirt bike riding and goes to the gym every day. Although Tim grew up around guns and went shooting often with his dad, he only started competitive shooting about 3 years ago with USPSA pistol, where he became a master shooter in limited. Now a days Tim primary shoots 3 gun and is getting into the long range precision game.



Terry Mason

Terry Mason is 52 years old- Wife’s name is Susan Mason and Terry has one Daughter Heather Mason. Terry is self Employed and is the owner of Woodnwater Taxidermy located in Clanton Alabama (North American & Africa game.) He is an avid hunter and outdoorsman. Terry enjoys shooting sports and has Hunted, Africa, Alaska, South America, and Canada. He is Retired Military, Numerous deployments in austere environments. Multiple Combat deployments and has served his country for 32 plus years. Terry also served as a reserve deputy for Elmore County Sheriff’s department. Terry has extensive firearms training on various weapons systems worldwide and extensive firearms training for US personnel, LE, and foreign national’s military and police.



Chris Valenzuela

Crecencio “Chris” Valenzuela III is 34 years old and hails from sunny and beautiful Southern California. Chris is a single dad to his ten-year‐old daughter, Emma, who is the love of his life. His hobbies include traveling the world, Crossfit, PC gaming, science fiction books (John Ringo and Warhammer 40K Universe), shooting, weapons, and outdoor activities, all the while enjoying a very active social life when home. Chris spent 5 and half years on active duty in the US Army as a sergeant in the Infantry and has served in N.A.T.O. and combat deployments overseas to include Macedonia, Kosovo, and Iraq. Chris is known for his passion of both weapons and teaching, even well before military service. Continuing on from what he learned in the Infantry, he expounded upon his weapons experience even further through instructing and being operational in the security field. Chris has been a civilian military weapon and tactics instructor, an executive protection agent, as well as the team medic for personal security details both stateside and overseas. Chris is currently an international security contractor working in high threat and austere environments. He believes he will win season 2 of “The Right Stuff” because not only does he hold the skill set to put him in league with other top tier competitors, but he also has the dedication, training and commitment to match his peers. Chris is very excited about the opportunity to compete on the show and even more humbled to be included within such a dynamic and diverse group of MEN.