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Season Five (Episode 1)

Matt Klier – Host

Matt Klier Grew up in Southern California, racing bicycles, dirt bikes, muscle cars and pretty much anything that had wheels. Along with racing motor vehicles came the necessity of knowing how to repair them. So natural progression lead him into working on them for a living. He spent 10 years working for VW and Chrysler as a Mechanic. Then came 9/11/01 and 30 days later Matt was sworn into the United States Navy as a Seabee Construction Mechanic (CM). He spent 12.5 years in the Navy supporting the war on terror OIF/OEF/OND. Currently is the owner of ASDS and moonights as a Structural Welder and pipe fitter in San Diego CA. He still races dirt bikes, but not as much as he’d like to! Currently competing in 3 gun and USPSA. The pistol is by far his favorite weapon, mostly because it is the most difficult to master… It still gives him an attitude now and then! Matt has a great family consisting of an awesome Woman and 4 kids ranging from 14 to 20 years old.



Brad Eason

Brad Eason, more formally known as “Patches,” is a full time college student at Oklahoma State University. He’s aiming to rebel against the notion that he couldn’t achieve whatever he set out to do. Losing the use of his left eye after being injured in the military at 19; he finds himself drawn to firearms and shooting. Being a 0331– Machine Gunner –in the Marine Corps, he fell in love with the 7.62×51 round. He can’t help but be a nonconformist and defy authority by only shooting his .308 SCAR, .45 ACP 1911,12-gauge pump shotgun or the giant white shotgun, hilariously called “the Yeti,” in any division, except, the ever allusive heavy-metal division. He is ecstatic to compete in The Right Stuff and expects to enjoy meeting other extreme shooters. Brad: “I don’t particularly care if I win, but I want to see how far and I go. I want to have fun and enjoy the opportunity I have been afforded. If fans of the show take anything away from this season, I want them to them to know that there isn’t anything you can’t do, no matter who or how many people tell you that! I am just a man following my dreams, and I hope to get to see some of the fans follow theirs. I want to thank all the fans, and I want to thank everyone that has helped me to get where I am today. Lastly, I would like to thank my family and all my friends.



Dylan Ervin

Dylan Ervin is 23 years old and grew up in Spokane Washington. His activities range from, producing TV, directing award winning films, to skateboarding, dirt biking, hiking, spending time with his wife and two kids, and shooting competitively in USPSA. Since becoming a member of USPSA in late 2014 Dylan has achieved rank of Master and plans to make Grand Master in 2016. Dylan is sponsored by Oak Island Ammunition. His future plans are to find his place in the shooting sports industry both as a professional shooter and media / TV producer.



Seth Caster

Seth Caster grew up in San Diego, California and spent a majority of his time outdoors camping with his family, consisting of 5 siblings. He continues to hike and backpack regularly as well as travel when work permits. Being home schooled, Seth was able to travel around the lower 48 States year-round and experience a vast difference in environments in all seasons. He started shooting at 13 years old which slowly grew into a love of firearms. He was a Police Officer Explorer for nearly 3 years with his local Police Department, accruing over 1,100 hours of community service time. It was his time in law enforcement that really got him interested in tactical firearms training and techniques. He started training formerly in 2013 under former Military professionals, advancing his knowledge and skills in firearms and Tactical Combat Casualty Care. A lover of the outdoors, Seth will make himself comfortable in any environment and make the most of it. He currently works in the construction field while continuing his firearms and medical training as tools to help others.



William Rownd

41 year old William Rownd was born and raised in Georgia. He is married and has 3 children, and is a veteran of the US ARMY (Infantry 11M) and a retired Deputy Sheriff and Police Officer. William has served on S.W.A.T., Narcotics, Criminal Investigations, and the Uniform Patrol Division. After his retirement from Law Enforcement he opened his own screen printing and embroidery business, Deadline Apparel. He enjoys Hunting, Competitive Shooting, Fishing, Hiking, Camping and any other activity involving the outdoors.



Rowdy Bricco

Rowdy Bricco was born in Oregon and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. He has a degree in Nuclear Medicine from the Oregon Institute of Technology. He enjoys mountain biking and motorcycling. Rowdy has Crohns disease and has had over a dozen surgeries on his intestine because of the disease, but he likes how it has taught him to deal with adversity. He has a wife, three adult children and two grandchildren. He and his wife love to travel and have been to over 25 countries. He also loves competing in pistol shooting competitions like IDPA and USPSA. And yes, Rowdy is his real name.



Tim Martin

Tim Martin is 39 years old. He grew up in Southern California, but he moved to Spokane Washington 19 years ago where he continues to live with his wife and daughter. He is an ASE master certified auto technician and is the lead tech at his work. Tim is very athletic, he enjoys snow skiing, wake surfing, dirt bike riding and goes to the gym every day. Although Tim grew up around guns and went shooting often with his dad, he only started competitive shooting about 3 years ago with USPSA pistol, where he became a master shooter in limited. Now a days Tim primary shoots 3 gun and is getting into the long range precision game.